Centre for Distance and Virtual Learning


Prof. S. Jeelani







Last Date for submission of Application is 29th February, 2024

About the Centre


The Centre for Distance Virtual Learning (CDVL) is one of the oldest centres of the University of Hyderabad which was officially established in the year 1994, based upon the directions received from the UGC and MoE. The Centre initially started with two diploma prgrammes. Presently it is offering fourteen one-year Diploma Programmes, which are employable, knowledge oriented and skill developing programmes. These programmes are offered through distance/ online mode, i.e. correspondence cum contact programme. Most of the students are working employees from various state and central government offices, few are IAS and IPS officers, lawyers, magistrates; some are executives from multi-national companies, corporate sectors, NGOs and also housewives. These distance programmes are also approved by the UGC-AICTE-DEC joint committee.

The Centre committed to fulfil the following objectives:

  • Increases the accessibility
  • Reduces Infrastructure constraints
  • Acts as catalysts for the Institutional transformation
  • Helps the physically challenged individuals
  • Equal opportunities to education irrespective of socio-economic status
  • Helps in Adult education
  • Contributes to lifelong learning
  • Helps in increase the higher education enrolment

The mission of the CDVL, University of Hyderabad is to create a learning environment to the outreach students for national and international students. The CDVL is continuously working even during holidays, Saturdays. Sundays also for constantly providing training and counselling in the form of contact classes, lab training and field works for the benefit of large number of students to upgrade their skills, knowledge and also social commitment.

  • The CDVL is offering 14 one-year PG/Diploma programmes, which are approved by UGC/ DEB/ AICT and joint committee.
  • In order to provide hands on training skilled upgradations, to the students some of the programmes are offered jointly with public and private organization.
  • The CDVL is offering programmes in the various subject areas like Rural Development, Agriculture Development, Health Science, Forensic Science, Cyber Laws & Intellectual Property Rights, Library Automation & Networking, Telecom Technology, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.
  • The CDVL is also recognized by NAAC as National Consultative Committee Member and is has helped a NAAC in finalise the guideline exclusively for the Distance mode programme.
  • The CDVL is also recognized by Word Educational Services New York (USA) and Toronto (Canada).
  • The CDVL is also upgraded the content accordingly to the ABC norms (NEP-2020) so that it will help the students for multiple exit and multiple entry.
  • The CDVL is also providing placement support to the students and currently it is planning to provide apprenticeship to all students pursuing one year Diploma Programme through distance mode.
  • The students will get paid internship and later they will be absorbed parallelly placement in some organisation.
  • The CDVL is also planning to offer UG&PG programme through Distance mode for which exclusive faculty as per UGC regulation required, Accordingly CDVL submitted proposal for the additional teaching and non-Teaching staff and in the University and was place in the proposal 178 EC meeting and approved. The proposal was sent to MoE, New Delhi for sanction of the post.
  • Recently the NAAC committee visited the UoH and asked for a presentation for the CDVL the details of presentation was given and the committee has appreciated the joint programme, Accordingly the CDVL was nominated as a member for finalizing NAAC guideline for the Distance Education programme.
  • Many ODL institutions are not getting admissions to ODL and online programmes in spite of their low fee.
  • Survey conducted Industry want to take the students provided they have required skill.
  • Students are even ready to pay higher fee provided if they get placement support
  • Thus designed Skill up gradation programs jointly with Industry and Needy sector along with hands on training, project work etc.
  • The Centre for Distance and Virtual Learning is also jointly offering diploma programmes with NAARM (National Academy of Agricultural Research Management), NIRD&PR (National Institute of Rural Development & Panchayati Raj), Truth Labs, Apollo Med Skills, IFCAI (Infection Control Academy of India), BSNL-RTTC, LV Prasad Eye Institute, Hyderabad, and Time Pro News Delhi for the benefit of the students in quality of learning and practical training.
  • Approval from UGC has been received for 14 Diploma programme offered through Distance/ Virtual Mode.
  • Nearly 25000 participants/ students were admitted to programmes. As per records of verification.
  • 15% people got placement as these courses helped them as on add courses for their basic degrees.
  • 10% people got further studies in US as the Diploma helped them (3+1 year degree) to fourth year to their normal degree.
  • 30% people pursued upskilling programmes which was helpful in their profession.
  • Rural Development
  • Agricultural Technology Management
  • Health management
  • Cyber Laws and Intellectual Property Rights
  • Forensic Science
  • Human Rights
  • Chemical Analysis and Quality Management
  • Library Automation & Networking
  • Business Management & Project Management
  • Energy Management
  • Languages Promotion (English, Hindi, Telugu & Urdu)
  • Environment Management
  • Diplomas in Technology Management in Agriculture and Educational Technology Management NAARM, ICAR, Hyderabad
  • Diploma in Telecom Technology Management Jointly BSNL-NATFM, Hyderabad
  • Diploma in Panchayat Raj Governance & Rural Development jointly with NIRD, Hyderabad
  • Diploma in Hospital Management and Health Care Management jointly with Apollo MedSkills, Hyderabad
  • Diploma in Infection Prevention and Control jointly with IFCAI, Hyderabad
  • Diploma in Community Eye Health Care jointly with LV Prasad Institution, Hyderabad
  • Diploma in Business Management and Project Management jointly with Timespro